Wiener Wowbagger

His name was Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged. He was a man with a purpose. Not a very good purpose, as he would have been the first to admit, but it was at least a purpose and it did at least keep him on the move.

He would insult the universe.

That is, he would insult everybody in it. Individually, personally, one by one, and (that was the thing he really decided to grit his teeth over) in alphabetical order.

When people protested to him, as they sometimes had done, that the plan was not merely misguided but actually impossible because of the number of people being born and dying all the time, he would merely fix them with a steely look and say, “A man can dream can't he?”

Douglas Adams: Life, the Universe and Everything

Im Gegensatz zu Wowbagger bin ich nicht unsterblich und mir ist nicht annähernd so fad.

Daher habe ich mir ein wesentlich bescheideneres (und freundlicheres) Ziel gesetzt.

Ich möchte jede Straße in Wien abgehen. In alphabetischer Reihenfolge.

  1. 2014AbbégasseAdolf-Gstoettner-Gasse
  2. 2015Adolf-Kirchl-GasseAignerstraße
  3. 2016AilecgasseAlberner Hafenzufahrtsstraße
  4. 2017Alberner StraßeAlfred-Noben-Straße
  5. 2018Alfred-Stix-PlatzAlois-Kraus-Promenade
  6. 2019Alois-Negrelli-Gasse
  7. 2020AltwirthgergasseAlxingergasse
  8. 2021AmalgergasseAmalie-Seidel-Weg